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I started editing professionally in 2003 while still a student at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. I kept it up part-time while in school and in the year afterward when I worked at the wonderful International Writing Program, and became a full-time editor in 2005. Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of writers in dozens of genres, I’ve written eight collaborative titles, and I’ve cultivated relationships with many of the top agents in the business. The Writers’ Workshop taught me a great deal about the creative work of writing, but it was working as an editor and collaborator that taught me everything about the business side of publishing. As a writer with experience on both sides of the desk, I’m in a great position to help you make your work a creative and commercial success. 

I have a B.A. in English literature and philosophy & religion, an M.Div. in theology, and an MFA in fiction from the University of Iowa. I've also done fiction-writing courses through the Harvard Extension School and Boston's Grub Street Writers. I've judged fiction contests, read for AGNI and The Iowa Review, and every now and again, I publish my own poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Most recently, my fiction has appeared in West Branch, The Florida ReviewMemoriousNecessary FictionMeridianConfrontation, and is forthcoming in The Maine Review.   

If you have further questions or would like more information, I'd love to speak with you.  Please contact me at ckneppereditor@gmail.com to set up a phone appointment.